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Our Story

rach & craig lake garda.jpg

It was during a driving holiday through France with my then girlfriend (now wife!) that we found ourselves envious of people parked in beautiful surroundings living out of their vans.

We made a future promise that we would return in a van of our own. We both love to travel and found the idea of having the freedom to explore using a van an exciting concept.

why campervans ?

france in crafter.jpg

Sandy toes and salty kisses

Fully inspired we managed to complete our van in time for the following summer. We returned to France in our new conversion and it wasn't long before we were both hooked. We travelled through France and into Italy and found some amazing spots by chance in beautiful surroundings such as lake Garda. Since that first trip we have taken her all over Europe, snowboarding in the Alps to having breakfast in Nice to name but a few.


Loving what you do....

From a very young age I have always been interested in fixing or building stuff, this legacy lead me into my first job as an apprentice mechanic. I did this for a while before moving into auto electrics which evolved to include vehicle customisation. I did this for a total of 13 years until I decided on a career change. I then found myself working on exploration vessels as a Geophysical engineer and unmanned sub technician. As exciting as the job was I still found myself involved in the van conversion scene.

So here I am doing what I enjoy the most! 

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